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    Hydraulic principle


    The basic function of the hydraulic circuit lies in the easy control of energy transfer in the form of liquid pressure energy.
    From the perspective of energy transfer: hydraulic technology is roughly in the middle of mechanical energy transfer and electrical energy transfer.
    From the aspect of transmission characteristics, mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission can be said to have fixed characteristics. Contrary to this, the hydraulic transmission and the electric transmission are the same and have the characteristics of a continuously variable transmission. In addition to the constant power, it is easy to achieve constant. Speed ??and constant torque characteristics.
    This feature of hydraulic technology can generally be summarized as follows:
    (1) It is easy to perform stepless speed change, and has a wide range of speed change, that is, it can easily adjust the force and torque within a wide range;
    (2) The control performance is good, that is, the force, speed, position, etc. can be correctly controlled with a high response speed. In addition, it has good adaptability to other control methods such as electrical and mechanical, especially when combined with electrical signal processing, it can obtain excellent response characteristics;
    (3) reliable operation and good operation performance;
    (4) moderate flexibility in structure and properties;
    (5) A circuit can be constructed using standard components to achieve arbitrarily complex functions.