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    Talking about the Leakage of Piston Rod in Hydraulic Cylinder


    The leakage of hydraulic cylinders is a problem that many users feel a headache. However, this problem will still occur frequently. The leakage problem can be mainly divided into the internal leakage and external leakage of the sealing structure and the oil leakage caused by the damage of the cylinder. For hydraulic cylinders, the internal piston rods are often in contact with various impurities and are prone to wear.

    1、 The first reason for external leakage is due to the unreasonable structure of the shaft seal.In some environments with harsh working conditions, the surface of the piston rod may also adhere to a lot of dust, dirt and other materials, and some of them will have some hard materials. Therefore, due to various factors, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder may leak outside.


    2、 The second reason is that the gap between the piston rod and the guide sleeve in the hydraulic cylinder is no longer within a reasonable range. For example, the problem of blackening of the piston rod surface encountered by many users is actually caused by this reason. From the market survey, we found that this factor accounts for a large proportion of the causes of piston rod leakage and has exceeded 60%. Therefore, we should pay more attention to this issue in the future.


    3、 The third reason is the problem of leakage caused by damage to the surface of the piston rod. This is because in practical applications, many situations may cause some damage to the surface of the piston rod, which will increase the friction between the seal ring and the piston rod early and cause the seal ring to wear out. This situation is one of the main reasons leading to the early release of the piston rod.


    The above hydraulic cylinder manufacturers analyzed the main reasons for the internal piston rod leakage problems in the process of using hydraulic cylinders from three aspects. It is hoped that the users' friends can pay attention to this issue and avoid the leakage of the piston rod as much as possible.