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    The correct way to purchase hydraulic cylinders


    1. You have drawings on hand

    Directly provide drawings, hydraulic engineers check the rationality of the dimensions of the drawings you provide, whether there are contradictory dimensions, and whether some dimensions are not achievable by the cylinder process. According to the drawings you have given, a new dimensional drawing will be given for your confirmation.

    2. You have a sample of a cylinder in your hand.

    1) You will provide samples to us and explain the application equipment of the sample. If no samples are available, you will need to provide mapping and pressure to use. The key dimensions required for the plot are bore, stem diameter, stroke, and mounting dimensions. Cylinder technology, click www.4allpaydayloans.com

    A. Bore diameter (inner cylinder diameter, also called inner diameter) \ outer diameter (cylinder outer diameter) ▼

    B. Piston rod diameter ▼

    C. Stroke ▼

    D. Installation dimensions (including piston rod end size, port size, mounting site size)

    ■ Piston rod end size: positioning step RD, piston rod diameter NA, thread size KK, protruding rod length, as shown in the figure below. Cylinder technology, click www.4allpaydayloans.com

    Piston rod external thread without step ▼

    Piston rod external thread with step ▼

    Piston rod internal thread without step ▼

    Piston rod internal thread with step ▼

    Piston rod end mode

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