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    JSRuiYa hydraulic cylinder design features


    1. High-pressure, high-strength, lightweight and compact

    The design, material selection and processing technology and welding technology of the cylinder body and the piston rod are all based on the analysis and optimization of the strength and fatigue parameters of the cylinder load frequency.Non-destructive examination by ultrasound,achieve high strength, light weight and miniaturization of the cylinder.

    2.Sealing system

    JSRuiYa use PARKER, MERKEL, NOK and other imported high-end seals, combined with the company's unique sealing system design, to prevent sand dust, reduce oil leakage, to obtain the best piston rod oil film layer.

    3.Cylinder body

    The cylinder body manufactured according to the appropriate strength and size, the inner surface is processed by rolling, which improves the surface hardness and wear resistance while ensuring dimensional accuracy and roughness.

    4.Hydraulic Cylinder piston rod

    Based on high-frequency quenching, by plating hard chrome surface, improve rust, wear and damage resistance, the surface obtained by precision polishing has a uniform texture and high finish, thus ensuring a good surface oil film layer improves product life.

    5.Buffer / safety function

    As needed, built-in buffer mechanism that can absorb shock at the end of the stroke, and it is relatively easy to install a variety of valves with slow return, balance and emergency shutdown.

    Jiangsu GaofengRuiye Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd has 6 design engineers with rich experience in the hydraulic cylinder industry, and skilled craftsmen engaged in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and production, advanced testing tools, non-destructive testing, ultrasonic testing, and UT2 level.

    Our company believes that a lot of companies are supporting the company and have good cooperation with famous American companies. The optimal design, perfect process, skilled assembly, strict testing, ensure quality to achieve customer confidence!

    Jiangsu GaofengRuiye Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

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