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    Why the price of hydraulic cylinders have huge difference between factories!


    Hydraulic cylinders are the heart of hydraulic machinery. Especially for large-scale machinery production and processing, large hydraulic machines are needed to carry out stamping and forging of parts. Therefore, hydraulic cylinders occupy an important position in industrial production.

    1. The price difference between hydraulic cylinders on the market?

    When some companies need to upgrade their technology, they will often replace a batch of new hydraulic cylinders. Therefore, the most suitable hydraulic cylinders can be selected after the price of the hydraulic cylinders in the market. However, companies that have conducted market inquiries often have such doubts: the same type of hydraulic cylinders, why the price gap is so big! ?

    In the same hydraulic cylinder on the Internet, some manufacturers offer more than USD180, some offer more than USD230, and some offer USD260 or so, and even some offer is around 450, this situation allows the purchaser to feel confused while feeling Very tricky.

    Why? Because most manufacturers are limited to purchasing funds, it is necessary to choose cost-effective hydraulic cylinders to achieve the desired procurement goals. However, the price difference between hydraulic cylinders on the market is large. If you choose a cheap cylinder, the quality cannot be guaranteed. High-priced hydraulic cylinders can't be completed simply because of the funds, so how to choose has become a problem that plagues hydraulic cylinder purchasers.

    2. Where is the price difference of hydraulic cylinders?

    As the end user of the hydraulic cylinder, how to choose the right hydraulic cylinder, why are the gaps between these price hydraulic cylinders so large?

    In fact, regardless of the commodity, the price and value relationship will not change. The value of the hydraulic cylinder is mainly the quality of the hydraulic cylinder in addition to the function. The difference in price is also the embodiment of different quality.

    The most expensive ones are hydraulic cylinders of international brands. The quality of such hydraulic cylinders is high, but because of the reason of import and the price of their own, the price of such imported hydraulic cylinders in the domestic market will be higher than that. The price of domestic hydraulic cylinders is much higher.

    In the middle of this kind of price, the gap is relatively small. Within the scope of prediction, this hydraulic cylinder generally belongs to the products of domestic high-quality manufacturers. The quality is good, the price is not very expensive, even if different manufacturers exist. A certain price difference, but this gap will not be very large, the quality is not much different.

     There is also a type of hydraulic cylinder that is very low in price. This kind of hydraulic cylinder is produced by some small processing factories. Maybe some new manufacturers use the advantage of raw materials to open the market with price wars, so the price is lower, but this kind of is very rare. What's more, some small workshop-style manufacturers carry out the imitation of hydraulic cylinders. The quality of this kind of product is difficult to guarantee. If there is a problem in production, it will cause huge losses, and the warranty is difficult to achieve. The only advantage is that It's just a low price.

    Therefore, the general manufacturer can consider the middle price when purchasing the hydraulic cylinder, so the quality is guaranteed, the price is not too expensive, and it is beneficial to the development of domestic hydraulic cylinders. It is recommended to consider this scheme.

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