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    Precautions when assembling hydraulic cylinders.


    The configuration of the hydraulic cylinder requires certain conditions, and only the correct method can make the hydraulic cylinder work normally. The configuration of the hydraulic cylinder focuses on the installation of the seal. The hydraulic cylinder manufacturer introduces the conditions for configuring the hydraulic cylinder.

    1. To avoid possible oil leakage due to the formation of twists. When installing the O-ring, do not pull it to the limit, and do not roll it while setting it.

    2.The shape of the V-shaped seal is composed of a support ring, a seal ring and a pressure ring.When the pressure ring presses the seal ring, the support ring can make the seal ring shape and seal. When installing, the opening of the seal ring should face the pressure oil chamber; when adjusting the pressure ring, it should be limited to no oil leakage. Can not be over-tightened to prevent excessive sealing resistance. For the Y-shaped seal ring, the lip should deal with the oil chamber with pressure; the Yx-shaped seal ring should also pay attention to distinguish whether it is for the shaft or the hole, and do not install the wrong. In addition, when installing the Y-shaped and V-shaped seals, pay attention to the installation direction to avoid oil leakage due to the installation.

    3. If the sealing device is matched with the sliding surface, it should be coated with an appropriate amount of hydraulic oil.

    4. The O-ring and dust ring after disassembly should be completely replaced.

    5. When the hydraulic cylinder is installed on the main machine, a sealing ring must be added between the inlet and outlet port joints and fastened to prevent oil leakage.

    The hydraulic cylinder manufacturer reminds that after the hydraulic cylinder is assembled, it must be tested to ensure that the installation is correct before use.