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    Hydraulic cylinder requirements for material selection.


    The hydraulic cylinder is a very important component, and its material requirements should also be noted. According to the characteristics of the work, we must meet the relevant technical standards for the selection of materials. The specific cylinder material selection should refer to the following questions:

    1. According to its working properties, in order to ensure that it can meet the working requirements in use, the material itself should have certain strength and impact toughness, and the welded cylinder should also have good welding ability. If you consider the parameters of the hydraulic cylinder, the use and the source of the blank, the following materials can be used: 25 steel, 35 steel, 45 steel, etc.


    2. Processing technology of cylinder blanks. After a period of development, the standard of production will also be improved. For cylinder blanks of hydraulic cylinders, it is now common to use a cold drawn or hot rolled seamless steel pipe. Nowadays, the inner hole has been honed in the market in China, or the inner hole is finished. In this case, the seamless steel pipe can be cut according to the required length. The material is 20 steel, 35 steel and 45 steel.


    3. In addition, we must also consider the working environment. If you choose a material that can withstand the environmental requirements, you can achieve stable operation in the future. If the working temperature is lower than -50 °C, the hydraulic cylinder cylinder must be 35 steel or 45 steel, and it needs to be modulated before it can be applied. For cylinders that need to be welded to the cylinder head, 35 steel should be used, and then tempered after machining; if it is a cylinder that does not need to be welded with other parts, 45 steel can be used.


    4.Finally, in order to ensure the good working performance of the hydraulic cylinder, the material of each part should be selected according to the requirements. For the blank of the rear wall, it is necessary to select cast iron or forging, or use the rear steel plate to roll into a cylindrical shape, then After the welding, the fire is fired. Note that the weld needs to be inspected by x-ray or magnetic flaw detection.