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    Analysis and adjustment of hydraulic cylinder pressure parameter failure problem .


    Regarding the use of hydraulic cylinders, we need to pay attention to many problems, among which the adjustment of the pressure parameters is also an important part that cannot be ignored. Next, let’s talk about when using a hydraulic cylinder, the problem of its pressure regulation parameters.

    Normally, if the hydraulic cylinder is always in normal working condition, then when it stops running, it will end according to the normal situation, but sometimes there will be some problems. For example, we find that the pressure parameter is adjusted. Can not achieve the desired results. In response to this problem, it can be divided into three aspects for analysis.The details are as follows:

    1、 the pressure cannot be raised. In response to this situation, based on experience,usually, it is largely due to the fact that the pressure regulating spring of the hydraulic cylinder relief valve is too soft, incorrectly installed or not installed.The main valve orifice of the pilot operated relief valve is blocked.The slide valve is under the oil pressure at the lower end,Overcoming the hydraulic pressure of the upper chamber and the spring force of the main valve,move the main valve up,the pressure regulating spring loses its control effect on the main valve, and a relatively serious leakage problem occurs,In addition, it may also be because the spool is blocked and always open.

    2、The pressure is too high to be lowered.If this is the case,most likely because the spool of the hydraulic cylinder is blocked by some impurities,blocked in the closed position, so it cannot be turned on;Or because the valve's inlet and outlet ports are incorrectly linked during installation, the spool cannot be pushed.Therefore, the spool cannot be opened; or it is caused by the blocked orifice in front of the pilot valve being blocked.

    3、Third, the pressure is too large.In this case, the biggest reason is the presence of air in the hydraulic cylinder oil;It is also possible that the valve core is in poor contact with the valve seat;Or it is caused by the diameter of the orifice being too large.