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    JSRUIYA cylinder tube Inner hole Ra0.4-0.8μm


    JSRUIYA hydraulic cylinder tube Inner hole contorl Ra0.4-0.8μm

    The cylinder tube is the main component of the hydraulic cylinder. The quality of the cylinder barrel directly affects the life and reliability of the entire hydraulic cylinder.

    The general cylinder processing methods are: Grinding method and Rolling method.

    JSRUIYA uses the inner hole of the rolling cylinder.


    1,45# seamless honing pipe broaching cylinder

    2, Enter process boring cylinder tube

    3. Return rolling cylinder tube

    The boring and rolling equipment is as follows:

    Deep hole boring tool:

    Compared with the traditional grinding method, our processing has more advantages:

    1,Save time and cost, 10 to 30 minutes for 1 meter


    3,The surface hardness of the cylinder is increased by 30%

    4,Cylinder surface fatigue increased by 25%

    5,Corrosion resistance, delay the generation and expansion of fatigue cracks, and extend the service life by 2-3 times.

    6,Does not damage seals or seals

    7,Surface residual compressive stress helps to close the surface of tiny cracks.

    Jsruiya hydraulic machinery uses advanced boring and rolling equipment to save time and make high-precision hydraulic cylinders.