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                JSRUIYA's Hydraulic 11 procedures quality control


                JSRUIYA's Hydraulic 11 procedures quality control

                Jiangsu Gaofeng Ruiye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., (JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery) although only established for 8 years, is well known in the industry for its high quality.

                The most effective way to control quality is quality inspection. In JSRUIYA, we have 11 quality inspections.

                1. Raw materials

                For the steel tube, the tube diameter and wall thickness should be measured one by one, and the inner and outer surface quality should be inspected at the same time.

                2. Sealing components

                Inspection surface (the product should be free of cracks, bubbles, debris, raw edges), color, and calculate the weight and quantity according to the weighing method.

                Check the material warranty provided by the supplier each time the goods are received, and whether the materials match the materials used in the previous time.

                3. Heat treatment and tempering

                The quenching and tempering treatment is a double heat treatment of quenching and high temperature tempering, and the purpose is to make the workpiece have good comprehensive mechanical properties.

                Appearance: No bumps, cracks, or deformation. The surface should be cleaned up

                Hardness: Tested by Rockwell hardness tester, the surface hardness should meet the hardness value specified by the pattern, and only allow 5HRC to fluctuate up and down.

                4.Gland, piston, other processing parts

                Processing outer circle, inner hole, end face, thread size

                Groove size and chamfer size for seals


                5.Piston rod grinding outer circle

                The outer circle has a size of 10-20um, and the tolerance and roughness meet the drawing requirements.

                6.Hard chrome treatment

                Chrome plating meets drawing requirements

                7. Cylinder bottom end processing

                CNC lathe machining, size, shape tolerance, roughness

                8.Cylinder welding

                Appearance: Whether there is undercut, weld, burn through, not welded, surface vent

                Sealing and pressure test: water pressure test

                Metallographic examination

                Flaw detection test

                9.Purchased parts

                If one of the unqualified samples is found in the proportional sampling, it must be doubled, and if there is still one unqualified , the batch is unqualified, and can’t check the income pool, or all picks or rework

                10. Hydraulic cylinder inspection and test

                Surface acceptance: Check whether there are obvious cracks or collision marks on the surface of the cylinder, whether there is a protective sealing plate at each port, and the oil port wire is tested. The hydraulic cylinder under test shall reciprocate more than 5 times under the empty load condition to check the piston action. Whether it is stable, whether the piston rod is scratched or not, and whether the seal is damaged.

                Minimum starting pressure: Under no-load conditions, the rodless chamber of the tested cylinder is pumped into the hydraulic oil. The relief valve is gradually increased from zero. Observe the pressure gauge and record the minimum starting pressure of the piston rod of the tested cylinder at startup.

                Pressure test: Keep the pistons of the test cylinder at the ends of the stroke (cannot touch the cylinder cover). When the rated pressure is ≤ 16MPa, adjust the relief valve to make the pressure of the test chamber 1.5 times of the rated pressure; when the rated pressure is > 16MPa, adjust the relief valve to keep the pressure of the test chamber at 1.25 times of the rated pressure for 10min.

                Full stroke check: Keep the pistons of the test cylinder at the ends of the stroke. Measuring the full stroke length is within the standard range of use

                11.Surface treatment

                Surface rust, no oil

                Spray paint film thickness is uniform, thickness meets requirements


                In this big environment of “Survival of the fittest” , only strengthen the supervision and management of product quality, improve product quality, enhance market competitiveness, be responsible to consumers, and be responsible for themselves. The hydraulic cylinders produced by Jiangsu Ruiye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. provide a one-year warranty, providing technical support and customized services.