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    European customers visit JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery


    European customers visit JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery

    JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery has been cooperating with foreign customers for its hydraulic cylinder business since its establishment in 2011. Export hydraulic cylinder sales accounted for 40% of the annual sales, especially the snow plow hydraulic cylinder, which has been exported to the United States for 8 years. Although it is affected by the US import tariffs, it has not reduced production. The reason is that the flexible production arrangement plan of JSRUIYA hydraulic cylinders.Timely delivery, quality assurance, and reasonable price. The quality of the hydraulic cylinder is the first. The samples and batch of hydraulic cylinders in JSRUIYA Hydraulics are the same quality.

    European customers came to Jiangsu Gaofeng Ruiye Hydraulic Machinery on December 4, 2018 .Thet visit our Hydraulic workhouse and brought drawings, discussing the production process of hydraulic cylinders with technology and our boss. And said that our technology is excellent, the workshop planning is reasonable, and it is neatly arranged and clean.

    Although there are many hydraulic cylinder companies in the same industry, there is no shortage of leaders in the industry, and the scale is also different. Jiangsu Gaofeng Ruiye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been aiming at product positioning, people-oriented, and integrity management.

    It is believed that in the future, JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery can develop a wider territory through its own technology and price advantage.