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    Company:Jiangsu GaoFengRuiYe Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

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    JSRUIYA Hydraulic Cylinder Widely Application


    Jiangsu GaofengRuiye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. Hydraulic cylinder Application Field


    Jiangsu Ruiye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. works with leading OEMs from all walks of life to design and manufacture custom hydraulic cylinders for almost all imaginable applications.

    Application areas:

    1) Construction Machinery Cylinders: loaders, wheel loaders, articulated lifts, lifts, excavators, mini excavators, hydraulic excavators, forklifts, bulldozers, dump trucks, road rollers, cranes, pump trucks, garbage trucks, garbage Compactors and marine hydraulic cylinders, etc.

    2) Metallurgical Machinery Cylinders: reducers, tile presses, etc.

    3) Mining Machinery Cylinders: crusher, shearer shield tunneling machine and dame door.

    4) Agriculture and Forestry Machinery Cylinders: soil finishing machines, harvesters, weeders, etc.

    5) Ice and Snow Control Hydraulic Cylinders: snow plows, snow blowers, etc.

    6) Automotive Hydraulic Cylinders: trucks, trailers, ladder trucks, dump trucks, lift doors, aerial trucks, crane dump trucks, dump trucks, etc.

    7) Garbage Waste Hydraulic Cylinders: garbage truck sanitation trucks, compactors and balers, lifting trucks, etc.

    8) Material Handling Hydraulic Cylinders: forklifts, lifting platforms, scissor lifts, etc.


    JSRUIYA Hydraulic's snow plow hydraulic cylinder has been exported to the United States for 8 years.

    Supporting small excavators and loader hydraulic cylinders for Zoomlion Heavy Industry.

    Self-developed railway mechanical hydraulic cylinder, stone cutting table hydraulic cylinder.

    JSRUIYA Hydraulics specializes in the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, price and quality, just for your equipment.