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    JSRUIYA Hydraulic Cylinder purchase new CNC machining center


    JSRUIYA purchased new CNC machining center

    Today, JSRUIYA Hydraulics Mchinery has purchased a new CNC machining center, which is more advanced and more functional than the existing machining center.

    In JSRUIYA has realized large-scale production of CNC lathes and CNC machining centers to produce hydraulic ram and cylinder components, and continuous processing of multiple processes on one machine tool, reducing the turnaround time between the semi-finished products and increasing productivity. Once the program is programmed, the hydraulic cylinder parts can be automatically machined according to the shape and size required by the drawing. It solves the problem of hydraulic cylinder complex, precise, small batch and multi-species parts processing.


    JSRUIYA's processing advantages:


    1. It has strong adaptability to the processing of hydraulic cylinder components, adapts to the characteristics of single-piece production of molds and other products, and provides suitable processing methods for the manufacture of molds;
    The CNC machining center is suitable for processing all parts, single piece, small batch, mass production, which shortens the production preparation cycle and saves a lot of process equipment costs.
    2. JSRUIYA Hydraulic has high processing precision and stable processing quality;
    The machining accuracy is generally 0.05-0.1MM, and the positioning accuracy of the machining center is relatively high.
    3. Can carry out multi-coordinate linkage, can process hydraulic cylinder parts with complex shapes;
    4. The machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity, and can choose favorable processing dosage, which improves the productivity of the hydraulic cylinder (generally 3~5 times of the ordinary machine tool);
    5. JSRUIYA hydraulic machine tools have high degree of automation and can reduce labor intensity;
    6. Conducive to the modernization of production management of JSRUIYA Hydraulic.
    7. The processing quality of the hydraulic cylinder is stable and reliable. The same batch of parts is used. On the same machine tool, under the same processing conditions, the same tool and machining program are used. The tool path is exactly the same, the consistency of the parts is good, and the quality is stable.