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Company:Jiangsu GaoFengRuiYe Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd

ADD:NO.2,Yaoyanshang,Chengdong Village,Xueyan Town,Wujin District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China




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JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery Start working, 2019 keep going!


On February 14, 2019, Jiangsu Gaofeng Ruiye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. Started working.

On the first day of work, we will also ignite firecrackers and fireworks. This means that the business of the new year will be booming.Then we got the red envelope form our boss. The red envelope means best wishes and good luck. Of course, every employee who receives the red envelope is very happy.  every employee can be happy to start the New Year's work.

"Starting work" is action, it is hard work, it is the key to open the blueprint and the goal. Therefore, "starting work" can be "great". If you want to be beautiful again and say it better, it is better to put it into action and do it.

Jiangsu Gaofeng Ruiye Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a young and powerful hydraulic cylinder manufacturing company. From hydraulic cylinder parts to the whole hydraulic cylinder, we strictly control every detail. JSRUIYA Hydraulic produces a variety of high quality hydraulic cylinders, tie-rod hydraulics Cylinders, welded hydraulic cylinders, custom hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units have all passed ISO9001:2008 certification.

New year, new journey, new starting point.2019 keep going!